The Perfect Family Storm

There Are No Perfect Families

Every family has their own conflicts, chaos and contradictions. No family is exempt from its own personal challenges. Both the media and researchers have recognized a growing trend in health and mental health concerns for today’s families. There is an increase in children, teens and parents who exhibit anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and ADHD.

Other families are experiencing stress and “out of control behaviors” in the family that signify something is wrong. Though no two families are the same, certain behaviors and disorders can be warning signs that your family is out of control.

Out of control families often experience escalations in aggressive behaviors that begin in the family and extend first inward toward the self and then outward toward others. Family conflicts can also surface as out of control behavior in both parents and children. This may include behavior such as:

  • Frequent family arguments and fights
  • Oppositional behavior (defiance)
  • Constant complaining and criticizing
  • Impatience and frustration
  • Explosive behavior: yelling and raging
  • Disrespect towards family members, authority figures, possessions
  • Manipulating and lying
  • Unwillingness or inability to set or accept limits
  • Extreme behaviors such as inappropriate dress, cutting, skin picking, excessive tattooing and body piercing
  • Addictions to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, video games/computers, cell phones (text messaging) and iPods or personal technology devices
  • Self-centered behavior: lack of presence, distractible
  • Family violence that includes battering and bullying
  • Overly dramatic and reactive behavior

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