Would just like to thank Cathy L. Reimers PhD. for all the positive words and compliments you have taught me through this journey of life. Life is difficult but you have to live in the NOW and move on…there will always be challenges to face in this world. You have made my world much easier to deal with through all your ideas and education.

Thank you very much

“You are the best person I have met.  I feel you do really care with your heart and really do care about me not like everyone else. Thank you for always being there for me.” D.W. NJ

IMG_1578 It is with gratitude that I accept your positive feedback, gifts of poems, art and packages.  As you continue to inspire me I hope that I will continue to help motivate your desired changes and help you to achieve your therapeutic goals.    

Thank you,  Dr. Cathy Reimers


Top Customer Reviews on Amazon for “The Mind, Heart and Soul of Depression”

By Fran Collier on November 3, 2016

Excellent book for helping self pull out of depths of anything depressing you. Even if you are not quite ready to begin journaling, simply reading through the chapters and the story following each chapter helps identify what is truly bothering one’s self. After peeling back the layers to expose whatever is bothering you, you are ready to feel the feelings and let it go. Wonderfully written!! Thank you Dr. Reimers!

By Amazon Customer on November 29, 2016

I am a practicing physician in primary care who deals with depression on a daily basis. I read this book from cover to cover and found to be very helpful in understanding depression. I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone with depression or who has ever thought that they may be depressed.
When a person is depressed they have very little motivation and are not going to want to be read a lengthy book filled with lots of irrelevant details. This book is written in a very understandable way to keep the concepts simple. Each aspect of depression has a concept, an example, and more importantly, questions for the reader to answer about themselves that reinterates the original concept. Therefore, the reader learns about themselves and makes it makes it a more personal experience.
Making you think about yourself, going back and rereading your answers helps the reader to pull many of their thoughts into a therapeutic process that will open the doors to a better understanding of their own personal problems.
In this book, Dr. Reimers covers all the faces of depression and helps the reader to more easily understand, accept and hopefully move forward with a plan to help themselves. Links to additional professional help are are a great resource.
Buy this book!!


This book is a self-help journal that will help you get to the mind, heart and soul of your depression. When finished with this book, it’s all about you. Doc Reimers offers good advice, interesting personal stories and practical applications. The readers will discover the truth and causes behind their depression. This book is truly one of a kind. An awesome way in writing your way out of depression and finding creative solutions. I can attest to its power, effectiveness and application. This book is a great tool to have to combat depression.


Anxiety and depression keep many of us from leading the lives we desire. Dr. Reimers book provides a terrific guided journal to help identify what is fueling our negative feelings, and gives constructive ways to change behaviors that are sabotaging our happiness. Although this book is not a substitute for counseling or medication, it helps increase self awareness of problems we may need help resolving. Awesome book that is appropriate for anyone struggling with depression or anxiety


By Moe Jo on November 20, 2016