Doc Reimers’ Book



In THE PERFECT FAMILY STORM: Tips to Restore mental Health Strengthen Family Relationships in Todays World, Dr. Cathy Reimers offers compassion, expert advice, and concrete strategies to help American families navigate the current challenges of divorce, technology, addiction, financial strain, violence and more that surround us.

A licensed psychologist with over 25 years’ experience, Doc Reimers knows it’s never been more difficult to raise healthy children and keep a family together. That’s because we’re facing not just one source of family stress, but winds from all directions – a perfect storm of stressors that can make you feel as if you’re being tumbled by never-ending waves of problems until it seems like you’re drowning. The American family needs help. In The Perfect Family Storm, Doc Reimers provides it, including the following:

  • How to keep technology from replacing real human connection, including countering the influences of texting, Internet, video games, Facebook, Twitter and more
  • Identify fourteen categories of unsuccessful parenting styles and how to avoid them  — overstressed, indulgent, guilty, enmeshed, know-it-all, etc.
  • Tips to avoid psychological harm to your child during the process of divorce
  • How the family is impacted by addictions and how to break dependencies on the Internet, substances, prescription drugs, porn, video games and more
  • How to develop moral behavior in children
  • Why violence is “trending,” including a closer look at cutting, bullying, and suicides in our youth
  • How to prevent dishonesty, promiscuous and out of control behavior in your child
  • Learn how pets are a barometer for family dysfunction
  • Identify mental health issues and its relationship to family stress

In The Perfect Family Storm, Doc Reimers tells readers to sit down in a comfortable place, turn off the TV, take a deep breath, think about your family, and start reading. The invaluable, practical advice within will help your family navigate even the roughest waters.