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Anxious Mothers & Anxious ADHD Children as School Begins

Dr. Cathy Reimers Ph.D., psychologist, and cohost Jennifer Russello, mother of a teen with ADHD, discuss anxiety levels before a new school year begins. The transition from the laid back days of summer into the busy schedule of school and other activities is challenging for all and especially those with ADHD.


ADHD Kid Speak: First Day of School Worries

Dr. Cathy Reimers Ph.D., psychologist, and cohost “Kid Awesome”, teen with ADHD entering a new school next week, discuss how it feels going back to school and will discuss the following: How do kids feel about the transition from summer to school? What is their worst nightmare about the first day back? What could help kids feel less anxious? What can parents do to help them? How can teachers help them feel more comfortable? Join us to hear how kids really feel.


Are You Forgetful and ADHD?

Dr. Cathy Reimers Ph.D., psychologist,  discusses everything you wanted to know about adult ADHD and forgot to ask.  Perhaps, if you forgot to ask – you may have a symptom of adult ADHD.   Listen in, to learn about  the diagnosis and treatment of adult ADHD,  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and how it impacts the family.

ADHD and the Holidays

Dr. Cathy Reimers Ph.D., psychologist, and cohost family law attorney, Deborah Brand, Esq. identify symptoms of adult ADHD and how it is manifested during a holiday visit. Attain the skills of how you can help your family before it causes a disastrous “perfect family storm” and end of days for that special holiday gathering. So listen in and learn how to be an “ADHD Prepper’.

Adult ADHD and Holiday Storms Air date 12-6-12

Mother’s Day and ADHD

Dr. Cathy Reimers Ph.D., psychologist, and cohosts’ Jennifer Russello and Kym Gentry-Peck, ADHD mothers discuss the conflicts and challenges in managing their ADHD children while still enjoying the fun of living in an active ADHD family. Learning how to stay calm, organized, and “in the moment” will help you and your family to have a Happy Mother’s Day.